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Funderbolt for Charter Schools

To avoid cutting programs, the Charter School of Wilmington needed to raise $150,000. Last year, they raised a total of $107,000 from 366 donors. This year, they partnered with Funderbolt and raised $155,000 from 506 donors - in just 37 days. Funderbolt helps schools raise money fast; no experience necessary!

Funderbolt for Independent Schools

In the age of Instagram, Amazon, and Netflix, St. Edmonds was concerned that their standard giving form had stopped capturing the attention of their parents and alumni. So instead, they sought to inspire them with the story of who they are. St Edmonds used Funderbolt, powered by Funderbolt, to quickly set up their Giving Day campaign to reach, engage, and grow their community on behalf of their Annual Fund.

Funderbolt for Higher Ed

The University of Washington was tired of telling their students and faculty to use their limited budget and bake sales to fund their service trips and STEM projects. In 2014, the UW partnered with Funderbolt to establish a simple, streamlined online solution to increase funding for student and faculty programs, projects, and causes. Funderbolt consulted every team of first-time fundraisers while UW managed their program from their user friendly dashboards. In turn, the students and faculty at the UW have won $496,857 from 4,969 donors, and they are just starting to scale their program!

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